Sample Letters

Letter 1

Dear (teacher or tutor),
As you know I/we came in to school/ telephoned you on (date) to discuss the bullying my child is experiencing at school. I am disappointed to find out that s/he is still experiencing problems. This is now affecting my child’s education and well-being.
I understand from your school’s anti-bullying policy that bullying behaviour will not be tolerated, and I ask that further action will now be taken to put a stop to such incidents. 
If you feel another meeting would be beneficial I/we would be happy to come and see you again. Please let us know if this is the case so we can find a mutually convenient time and day.

Letter 2

Dear (headteacher), 
I/we am writing with concerns about my child (name). On (date) I met/ telephoned (name of teacher) to discuss the bullying my child has been experiencing. I/we then wrote to the same teacher on (date) to say we have not seen any improvement.
My/ our child reports that the bullying is mainly led by (name of child/children involved) and involves (describe bullying). 

I/we are very disappointed that this bullying is still going on. We would like to meet with you so that we can plan together how this bullying is to be stopped. 
Please contact us so that we can find a mutually convenient time and day for this meeting.

Letter 3

Dear Chair of Governors, 
It is with regret that I/we must write to you with concerns about the lack of support I/we have received from (name of school) following allegations of bullying made by my child. I/we have met with my/our child’s teacher/ tutor, written a follow-up letter and met with the headteacher but the incidents still seem to be happening. 

I/we feel that the school is failing to take adequate steps to keep my/our child safe while at school and is therefore failing in their duty of care and commitment to anti-bullying as stated in the anti-bullying policy. 

We would like to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss the situation in more detail. 

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